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Embroidery Digitizing

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Get winning quotations for your designs, Exceptional quality embroidery digitizing services.

  • Fast 2-12 Hrs Turnaround Time
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Minimum Jumps and Consistent Sewing
  • Free Edits till you are satisfied
  • Free Flat to Cap or Cap to Flat Conversions
  • Almost any Machine File Formats Available
  • Free Design Backups in SSL Secured account

Excited to get started? Get a risk free trial today. Signup and place your first order, Mention "Free Digitizing Trial" in comment section and get the design ready at absolutely no cost (10,000 Stitches Fair Limit applies).


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Embroidery Digitizing Samples

Here are few of the work samples that we did for our esteemed clients.

How much does it cost to digitize a logo?

Our Embroidery Digitizers and Vector Designers are excited to have you on board, Please choose your preferred payment plan below.


Stitch Based


per 1000 stitches
  • Minimum $7.50
  • Maximum $65



For Cap & Left Chest
  • Upto 4.5" Hoop Size



For Medium Sized
  • Upto 4.5" Hoop Size



For Jacket Backs
  • Upto 4.5" Hoop Size
  • Sample Stitch-Outs

    $0.75 per 1000 stitches

    Sample Stitchouts on our Tajima machines for minimum $3.75 for designs upto 5000 stitches
  • Edits


    All minor edits are free, major edits depends upon the job.
  • Additional Changes


    Names, lettering and words changes.
  • Urgent

    Additional $2

    All minor edits are free, major edits depends upon the job.
  • Flat to Cap Conversion


    All minor edits are free, major edits depends upon the job.
  • UpSize/DownSize 15%


    All minor edits are free, major edits depends upon the job.

100% No Risk - Money Back Guarantee

Although we believe that you are not going to want one, but we'll gladly provide you with 100% refund if you are not satisfied within 30 Days.

Why Choose Our Embroidery Digitizing Service?

We believe in delivering Excellence wheather be it in Embroidery Digitizing or Customer Service, We Centrify All your problems and provide solution at one place.

We claim to be fastest digitizing company in the market, working 24/5 in 2 shifts. That is why we are able to deliver your designs within 3-12 Hrs. If the design load is low, you may get your design back in an hour.
We have a rigorous process for checking the quality of what we make here. There are a lot of steps that each design has to go through before it reaches you.
We have a safe and secure way for you to pay us, too. There are no fees for using PayPal and all major credit cards at our store.
We understand how valuable your time is! Now, when you pay for your orders, you can instantly download your designs from your account.
We have a friendly support team that is knowledgeable in their respective fields and can assist you in resolving technical issues related to embroidery or printing.
We meticulously digitize images to ensure that they do not require any editing. We welcome any changes requested by you that are free of charge.

Best Digitizing Services For Embroidery – EMBPUNCH


If you're looking for an Embroidery Digitizer you can trust with all your digitizing projects without having to worry about quality, price, or turnaround time; you've come to the right place. We provide remarkable digitizing services in the industry. However, in order to maintain our reputation as the best digitizing company, we have continuously strived to provide exceptional facilitation to our customer, which is validated by the reverence they show us. Here are some recognizable reasons to increase your interest in our available amenities.

We offer the most competitive prices on the market for digitizing your designs, and our turnaround time is unmatched. We are never afraid to go the extra mile for our customers, and as such, we will always collaborate with you to achieve the desired results that satisfy each request you make of us. Our work is unmatched in terms of quality, and we always provide you with superior services.

How to provide the correct size

Make sure you always give us the right size for your design. You don't need to tell us both the width and the height. Make one dimension and let the other dimension be the same as it is based on that dimension.

Sizes for embroidery that are used in most of the designs are the best for this type of project.

  • 2-inch height X prop width ( Average Cap size )
  • 2.75-inch height X prop width ( Maximum Cap size )
  • 3.5" width X prop height ( Average Left chest design )
  • 4" width X prop height ( Bigger size and good for any left chest )

Give the size in height and width for your cap and left chest, and let the rest of the size be proportional.


Color Information


When it comes to printing, you might say this is a one-colour design. But for Embroidery you need to specify the colors you want to include.

For instance if you say "I need this to be in 1 color, Red!". the Red Box will be digitized and the white letters will be left empty for your cloth to show through. So you can be specific when placing orders to get the design ready and avoid edits.

Converting JPEG to Embroidery Machine File Format

It's important to know what kind of machine your embroiderer is going to use. This helps you ask for the right file format for your embroidery. There are many different types of embroidery files, but the most common one is.DST, which most machines can read.

The DST file may not have the exact colours of the artwork, but you can get a colour sheet from the digitizer along with the DST to use when you embroider on a machine.

Babylock embroidery machines can also read PES files. This is another standard format for them.

The. The Janome Machine uses the JEF file format to store files.

Also, other formats can be used as well.

  • Wilcom (*.EMB)
  • Wilcom ESS (*.ESS)
  • Wilcom ESL (*.ESL)
  • Wilcom Plauen(*.T10)
  • Wilcom Saurer(*.T15)
  • Tajima (*.DST)
  • Hiraoka DAT(*.DAT)
  • Hiraoka VEP(*.VEP)
  • Saurer SLC(*.SAS)
  • Time and Space MJD(*.MJD)
  • Melco (*.CND)
  • Melco (*.EXP)
  • Barudan (*.DSB)
  • ZSK (*.DSZ)
  • ZSK TC(*.Z??)
  • Toyota (*.10O)
  • Barudan (*.U??)
  • Pfaff (*.KSM)
  • Happy (*.TAP)
  • Tajima (*.T01)
  • Barudan (*.T03)
  • Zangs (*.T04)
  • ZSK (*.T05)
  • Compucon (*.XXX)
  • Artista Design V4.0 (*.ART)
  • Artista Design V3.0 (*.ART)
  • Artista Design V2.0 (*.ART)
  • Artista Design V1.0 (*.ART)
  • Explorations Projects (*.ART42)
  • Explorations Templates (*.AMT42)
  • Janome/Elna/Kenmore (*.SEW)
  • Janome/Elna/Kenmore (*.JEF)
  • Husqvarna/Viking (*.HUS)
  • Deco, Brother, Babylock (*.PES)
  • Deco, Brother, Babylock (*.PEC)
  • Pfaff (*.PCS)
  • Pfaff (*.PCD)
  • Pfaff (*.PCQ)
  • Poem, Huskygram, Singer (*.CSD)
  • Pulse (*.PXF) [Converted] (NEW!)


Always tell the digitizer what you want if you have any special requests. Suppose you need an outline in a running stitch instead of satin ( Zigzag stitch ). It is up to the digitizers to choose the best stitch type for the size and design. If you want this in a running stitch, you can tell the digitizer what kind of stitch you want.

3D Puff Digitizing

It doesn't matter what colour or design it is; EMBPUNCH can help you make your 3D puffs look great.

Applique Digitizing

EMBPUNCH is well-known for offering affordable custom applique digitising services to its clients.

Badge Digitizing

In our line of work, we make personalised badges and embroidery art that people will love.

Custom Digitizing

Are you looking for a high-quality digitising service for custom embroidery? EMBPUNCH is the platform to which you can cling.

Logo Digitizing

You can get the best logo digitising service for the lowest price from us. If you want your logos to be seen, get them scanned.

Letter Digitizing

We digitise letter artwork efficiently and without the need for edits. We specialise in creating flawless letters, logos, and monograms.

Pattern Digitizing

EMBPUNCH has what you need, no matter what design or pattern you want. Now get your pattern digitized.

Patch Digitizing

EMBPUNCH provides high-quality patch digitising services at affordable prices. Now get your patch digitized.

Napkin Digitizing

EMBPUNCH is a company that digitises napkins worldwide, and they do it very well. Now get your napkins digitized.

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