Image Vectorization Services

Image Vectorization

An image doesn't have a structure or any data inside of it. It's made up of pixels, dots, or grains of film that make up the picture itself. We need to make it into a more organized format. That's why, if we need to print a logo or piece of art on a big scale, we need to vectorize the image to get the best quality. Otherwise, it will look bad.

Making A Vector Representation

Images that are two-dimensional can be turned into their vector representations. This is the main goal of image vectorization.

Know The Geometrical Structure

A vector image, or just an image, is made up of lines and shapes. It can be made up of lines, curves, shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and many other types of things, too! These things will help you make great pictures if you learn about them.

Formats For Raster To Vector Conversion

The picture can be in any form, like a drawing or a picture. We need to change the format to a vector file. SVG, DXF, EPS, AI, and EMF are the main vector file formats for vector software.


Many hours are spent trying to figure out how to make the image into something that can be drawn on. The designers or illustrators need to change the picture from JPEG to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). It is done with different vector tools, like the "pen tool" in Adobe Illustrator.

By following these steps, you can vectorize the image with ease. To get high-quality vectorization of the images, you can use our service at a low price.

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